Food Wars!

I will totally admit that my “diet” has been crap for a while. Why? Because I gave in to my husband (and my kids) and when I went to the grocery store I bought junk.

I even bought “Choco-Tacos”. And I ate them… because they’re YUMMY!

But the past few weeks have been a struggle, because I’m trying to get away from the processed snacks and junk food in the house… but my husband complains EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT… “There’s nothing to eat!” “What do we have that’s sweet?” “I want .” And it drives me crazy! I feel like I’m not doing my job as a good wife — I feel like I’m starving him.

So I started with breakfasts… I’m trying to feed everyone a decent breakfast. My husband? Stops at McDonald’s every morning. So much so that he can order “The usual” and they get it. The girls and I eat cereal or eggs or greek yogurt and fruit. Or whole wheat waffles with Nutella. That’s their favorite.. and yes, I know Nutella isn’t healthy.

Lunches are still a struggle… sandwiches and hot dogs seem to win most of the time. But the girls do like fruit and cottage cheese so that helps me not feel so crappy about what I’m feeding them.

Dinner time is my biggest challenge right now. Partly because of my husband’s work schedule – he might get home at 4pm, he might get home at 9pm. My girls are read for dinner at 4, so that’s normally when I start cooking… we eat around 5 or so.

It’s a challenge because my husband would (just like my girls!) eat Chicken Nuggets (frozen) or frozen Lasagna or any other dinner that comes from a box or a can.

Me? I could eat chicken every night… there’s so many ways to cook it I don’t get bored. He’s bored with chicken though so I’m trying to throw in some other options… going meatless is NOT an option though.

It’s a gradual change, and I think I still have A LOT of room to change. But we have made progress. My girls are drinking water most of the time now. There’s no more gummy snacks, fruit roll ups or chips in the house. When they want a snack most of the time they ask for fruit. I’m working on getting them to eat more veggies but it’ll take time. And I guess if they eat them that means I have to eat them… :/

So tell me – what hints do you have for dealing with a picky eater (kids or husband)? What sites have good recipes?

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  1. I wish I had more suggestions, but I can tell you that after my dad’s heart issue a couple of years ago, my mom COMPLETELY changed the way they eat.
    They do eat a lot of chicken, but also ground turkey / lean ground beef. The occasional pot roast or steak (w/ the fat trimmed off).
    Lots of veggies, cooked in different ways.
    Brown rice or whole grain pasta instead of potatos.
    Low fat cheese (easier to hide the difference in cooking). Skim milk.
    They still eat chips & snacks – just the baked kind. “diet” cookies & ice cream (Weight Watchers ice cream is actually very yummy).

    Good luck!

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