Just some random stuff from my little brain…

I had originally planned on running a 5K in June, but graduation parties and birthday parties got in the way of the ones that I’d consider doing. :/

I just registered for a 5K in July. Someone posted the link on my FB page and asked me if I wanted to run. Sure! So now I’m registered for THIS RACE. And wondering what I was thinking? First off I like bigger races where I know for sure that I won’t stand out for being slow… this probably isn’t a big race.

Second of all – It’s in July! I hate running when it’s hot!

But it’ll be a good challenge for me… I’m looking forward to it. I feel like I have a goal now, and I can do this.

The scale isn’t really moving for me right now… mainly because I’m eating crap. (Choco-Tacos??) They’re not in the house anymore and I don’t think I’m going to buy any when I go to the store. It works better for me that way.

I think the eating might be related to my kids – they are driving me CRAZY! Leah is in that whiny stage and it’s beyond annoying. Even when nothing is wrong, she’s whining. So when I get stressed, I eat. But I’m working on that…

I think that’s enough randomness for the moment… I need to get motivated to do something useful today.

One response

  1. You can totally do a 5k!

    And you know what? If for some reason you can’t run the entire thing straight, you can still do the run-walk-run thing, and then you’re still doing it!

    Do it! And don’t forget to update us / post pics when you’re done!

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