Last night

As soon as my husband called me last night and told me he was on his way home from work, I got dressed in my running clothes and was ready to go. It was a beautiful day, nice and cool and my kids were stressing me out so I needed a break.

He got home and headed straight to the stupid xbox… he didn’t understand why I was so upset or why I wanted to go run or why I even need a break – after all – you know he thinks I do NOTHING all day with taking care of the kids and the grandparents.

Anyway, I cried for a few minutes and then I just got pissed. I sent the girls inside to bug him and I left.

It was the best run I’ve had in a LONG time. I was able to breathe, and since I slowed my pace down some I was able to run longer before taking a walk break. Actually I was able to run about twice as long as I had been…. Then I walked for a shorter time and ran that distance again.

My over all pace though was about the same as it had been – I guess because I walked less?

So now I know. And I totally think that doing a 5K without ANY walk breaks is within my reach by July. Easily. As long as I get to run and don’t have to fight my husband too much about it.

Who cares if I’m slow? My big butt is still out there doing it and that’s all that matters.

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