Dear Rebecca: Read this often!

Remember how you felt today? Standing on the sidelines, knowing that you were perfectly capable of doing what everyone else was doing but too afraid to take a chance and do it? Knowing that you wimped out? Wishing that you were running or walking or doing anything but standing on the sidelines?

I want you to remember that feeling… the next time that you don’t feel like going to run. The next time that you want to eat junk instead of something good for you.

Remember that on this day you decided that no matter what you will cross that finish line next year. And several finish lines between now and then.

STOP FAILING. STOP wimping out. STOP being the lazy ass that everyone thinks you are.

The time is now, today. Not tomorrow… not next week, next month or next year – TODAY.

For all the people who tell you that you’ll never do it… this is your chance to prove them wrong.

Just remember the feeling today…. it wasn’t a good one. Imagine the feeling of crossing the finish line – even if you are last. Because even if you’re last – you still did better than everyone that didn’t try.

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