I’m a slacker…

I always think I’m going to do better at blogging, because when I do better at blogging I do better at weight loss.

I haven’t done well with either one of them the past couple of weeks… I just pretty much suck at life right now.

It’s all Food’s fault. FOOD. Yummy, tasty, not-good-for-me FOOD.

Ok… so maybe it’s my fault.

I need to go back to not buying junk food. I need to get the treadmill out of my bedroom and start running again. And I need to find a way to get to the gym. (We HAD 2 cars, but my husband wrecked his truck)

It’s time for me to make a choice to change. One choice at a time… that’s what works best for me. If I try to do more I get overwhelmed. One choice, one day at a time. And today will be a good day.

Clean Eating suggestions?

If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I’ve been pinning a lot of recipes and doing a lot of meal planning on there.

I’ve been gradually changing the way we eat around here. My husband is still resistant, the girls are adjusting, but are still picky eaters.

For some reason the girls and I want to eat a lot in the mornings so I’ve been making sure that we get some protein, whole grain cereals and lots of fruit. I’m trying to get the girls away from sugary snacks and drinks…. they drink a lot of juice, but I’ve been watering it down more and more every week so maybe they’ll start drinking straight water. I don’t drink regular Mt. Dew anymore. I don’t like the taste of Diet Dew, so I don’t drink as much of it. I open a can in the morning and I normally end up dumping some of it out before the end of the day.

We eat a lot of cottage cheese (Caitlin calls it “Cotton Cheese”), Greek yogurt, peanut butter. I’ve made some snacks I’ve found on pinterest, and they seem to like them. They still ask for gummmies and cookies, but they are satisfied by other options most of the time. Lunches are salads or sandwiches, normally something simple. The kids actually like salad, and I don’t mind giving them croutons and ranch dressing as long as they’ll eat it.

Dinners are still a struggle though…. most nights the girls don’t like to eat what I cook. This is where you all come in – I need suggestions for good blogs or recipes for kid approved food??

What do you do when your kids won’t eat dinner? Do you feed them something else or tell them there’s no other option?