Already feeling behind…

So I sat down towards the end of last year and figured out a training plan that would get me to the Flying Pig Half Marathon and get me through it with a decent time without killing myself.

It’s January 18th.

Have I run yet in 2012? Nope.

So what have I do? Been sick. Dealt with sick kids. Been sick again. Dealt with sick husband. Been sick again. Went swimming with my girls at the Y.

So I’m only about 3 weeks behind where I wanted to be… in the grand scheme of things it’s not horrible.

I’m sitting here in my running clothes waiting on my husband to get home so I can get out and run… if he doesn’t get home in the next hour or so today will be a waste. Again.

But I’m not going to stress out about it… tomorrow is a new day. I can make up 3 weeks in no time… I’ll just do 5 runs a week instead of 4 for a while. No biggie.

So how do you get back in the habit when you get knocked out by sickness or life in general?

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