Mamavation Monday

Short post this week – lots on my mind, but nothing that I really want to publish yet.

The scale pic:

I lost .2lbs, so we’ll just call it a no loss/no gain week.

The measurements:
Bust 47
Waist 44
R arm 14
L arm 13.5
Hips 41.5
R thigh 22
L thigh 21.5
R calf 15
L calf 16

The Good: I joined Weight Watchers this week. I’ve done pretty well so far, I used some of my weekly points yesterday for the Super Bowl, but other than that I’m pretty good about staying within my points. I earn activity points, but I don’t always use them. I like the new Points Plus program because it is really encouraging making better food choices… it’s not just about “how much junk can I eat and still stay within my points”.

The Bad: I didn’t do as much activity as I should have this week… I just don’t feel right at the moment. I’m irritable and grumpy, and I’m blaming lack of sleep and hormones. I feel better today though, and already have 45min in on the bike.

The Ugly: Water Weight! I’m SO BLOATED right now!! I can’t button hardly any of my pants! I’m expecting this to resolve today or tomorrow, so all should be well again.

This weeks Blogging Carnival is sponsored by Chef’s Requested, and they want to know: What are you doing to keep your heart healthy?

Walking, riding the stationary bike and trying to eat healthier!

That’s about all I have for right now.

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7 responses

  1. You’re doing great… just keep ur chin up! It’s a journey worth taking even if we have rough weeks, it’s so worth it in the end.

    As per your hormones. Seriously, you need to look into your thyroid. I really didn’t realize how much of an issue it is with a lot of women until I found out mine was “broken”.

    I’m just taking supplements and it’s really starting to make me feel better mentally, hormonally, and hopefully soon will kick in for the metabolism issues. ;-)

    Hugs and have a wonderful week!

  2. Nope.
    Not going to let you say that is not a loss! You didn’t gain anything… and you DID make the numbers go down. So, that is a loss. Congrats!!!

    You are eating well, so just focus on the rest. Hormones and emotions will pass and even out. Just stick with it for those results. Congrats on already being back on the bike. Every bit will help. I hope you have a better week and I will keep you in my thoughts. :)

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